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01/11/11 Maui Wedding

Sunset wedding 01/11/11 in Maui. Just finished having dinner with the bride and groom after an incredible wedding and shoot on the beach tonight. Here are a few of the favorites. The beach was busy with other weddings, tourists, and a photo class shooting a swimsuit model. We were the last ones to leave the…

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HDR or High Dynamic Range photography is the combination of 3 or more images with bracketed exposures. This was an HDR shot of the Hood River Hotel using a single RAW file to create 3 bracketed jpgs instead of the three bracketed images from on location. HDR can capture far greater range of light. You…

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First Light on Last Day 2010

    First light captured on the last day of 2010. Why first light because I was asleep by 9:30 new years eve. The youngest kid is like a bird and wakes the second any light creeps in the window. This is the only benefit of short winter days. She actually sleeps.    This image was taken…

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